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Idea and Mission

We help clients to improve operational efficiency.
Each member of our team is unique and has experience in hospitality, management, and continuous improvement systems development. Each employee has a  diversified experience in the hospitality and education industries. As a result of our cumulative knowledge, we, as a team, can help in solving a large number of Clients' problems.


Our company pays special attention to development and growth. It is a process involving both the respective dedicated services and each consultant in our company. Accordingly, working with our consultant, the Client gets access to the entire range of our capabilities.
Operating in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Greece, England, Canada, the USA. “SHTEC” is an International consultancy team that combines a tradition of quality with state-of-the-art methodologies and a spirit of innovation, to bring to life sustainable and long-lasting business opportunities by creating best hospitality facilities and educational institutions. 

Team Members

Walter Spaltenstein


Walter has worked as Executive Chef, F&B Manager, and Hotel-director in 5 Star Hotels around the world.


Then he's worked in Hotel Management/ Culinary Art Education in the Hotel and Touristic School in Chur/ Passug Switzerland.

Eventually, Walter has opened the International Hotel Management School DCT and has been a CEO there for 21 years.

Later SWISSAM was founded and Walter was the first Rector. 3 years later he became its Adviser.




Фото И. Двали.jpg

irma dvalI

Hotelier, PhD, hospitality consultant

Mauricio Pekkolo

Chef of Italian restaurants chain


sergej gajdamakov

IT expert specializing in business process automation in the hospitality industry

0 copy 15.jpeg

StephAn BusСh

Senior Consultant Hotels,
F&B, Cruise Industry

Бизнес-фото Чекурова.jpeg

natalia Chekurova

T & D Business trainer

Sarah Wegmann

Travel & Project management 


Svetlana Sanyan

Armenia Area Project manager


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