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restaurant consultancy

Ресторан Таблица

New restaurant Opening

  • Help with the concept of the Restaurant

  • Visibility study

  • Help with operational issues

  • Staffing Levels

  • Product List

  • Check availability of Products

  • Suppliers

  • Staff Training and Quality Control

  • Help to decide on Equipment

  • Interior design

Menu Study and Drafting

  • Create new Menu Items

  • Concepts of Menus

  • Research of new Trends

  • Presentations

  • Menu Design

  • Menu Calculations

  • Nutritional values

Меню для чтения

Bar and beverage services

  • New Bar Design

  • Research of new trends

  • Bar Control

  • Wine knowledge

  • Beverage knowledge

  • Proper handling of Drinks

  • Cost of Drinks

  • Barman training

Relaunch and Restaurant reorganization

  • New standards implementation

  • Present changes and help to create a new image

  • Help with operational problems with relaunching

  • Staff training

Повара обсуждают за едой
Шеф-повар в кухне

Restaurant Kitchen Optimization

  • Optimize Staffing Levels

  • Create new Procedures to help Optimising

  • Food Control

  • Beverage Control

  • Staffing Levels

  • New Menu Design with Items to make better Profits

  • Optimize Suppliers

Restaurant Budget optimization

  • Help to find Items to optimize Budget

  • Check all aspects of the Operation to optimize

  • Train Staff to see optimization

  • Training in up-sales

  • Waste Control


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