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Culinary Arts Consultancy

Праздничная столешница

Restaurant technology tableware selection

  • Create a new concept with the appearance of the Restaurant

  • Positive result of the appearance

  • Choose Tableware according to the Goals of Concept

  • Appearance of Decor and possible changes

  • Handling of Tableware

Professional cooking techniques

  • Optimization of Cooking Techniques

  • Implementing new methods of Techniques

  • Improve tastes and quality through new Techniques

  • Create new Items for new Techniques

  • Learn about the positive result of Nutritions

Шеф-повар готовит еду
Гигиена рук

Hygiene and HACCP

  • Train Staff to the standards of Hygiene according to Federal Law

  • Train Staff to the standard decided by ownership of the Restaurant

  • Learn about Personal Hygiene necessary in Restaurant and Hotel Business

  • Hair Grooming

  • Makeup Regulations

  • Uniform choice

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