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Hotel consultancy

Business Plan

Consultation to foster productivity and competitiveness of hotels and resort destinations

Start or improve your hotel business performance with US.

We are Swiss company specialized in provision high-quality hotel and resort consultancy and hospitality educational services.


Among our clients:  hotel and resort investors and owners, executive management, other representatives of spa and wellness centres, restaurants, tourist and nature destinations.


Usual client concerns:


  • Low income from a property


  • Low investment profitability


  • Excessive seasonability


  • Low competitiveness


  • Inefficient management


  • Non-working business strategies and standards


  • Low level of customer service


  • Unsatisfaction with financial results


  • Other

Specialised services that SHTEC offers to solve these problems:

  • Product formation: helping hotels to strengthen the competitiveness of their products and services through the development of innovative business models.


  • Education and training: programmes aimed to improve and strengthen the knowledge and skills of line staff and middle management. There can be developed tailor-made trainings for senior management.  Our trainings and programmes are aimed at the reduction of your labour turnover.   


  • Strategic and operational marketing: design and implementation of the best competitive strategy for the company, assessing alternatives such as diversification, business growth, product development and innovation, maximising the value created by the company for its clients.

  • Creation of financial plans: an analysis of hotel`s profitability in diverse development scenarios (financial sensitivity, simulations, etc.) in order to optimise the financial and investment model.


  • Search and selection of hotel operators and management companies: in case there is a vision of investors and owners in such partnership, we will ensure the search and selections of such partnership with assurance of the project's success by searching for interest synergies amongst all the sector's key actors.


  • Expert management: continuous support in management and decision-making us ensuring high-level performance through the transfer of expert knowledge.


  • Cost Management: we will advise you how to control costs while keeping customer service high.

  • Automatization of hotel business operations: performed via software and technology, automation can benefit both hoteliers and their guests by saving time, saving money and removing stress.


  • Hotel Concept development. Research of popular trends and perspective niches from the marketing point of view. The market analysis will help to determine an unoccupied nice. It includes the research of the location, defining of the possible distribution segments, stars of a future hotel, writing the guest`s portrait, its infrastructure, services and income centres, giving the preliminary design ideas.

  • Assistance and consultancy in a hotel start-up.  Assistance in hotel equipping, work with suppliers, staff recruitment, implementing a developed marketing strategy according to the business plan, writing an HR strategy, recruitment, writing and implementing standard operational procedures. Assistance in choosing and launching IT software.  

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Marketing and Revenue

  • Development of Hotel or Resort Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • Implementation of Revenue Management Techniques to increase your REVPAR

  • Fulfilment of Market Research

  • Online Reputation Marketing

  • Hotel Digital Marketing

  • Pricing, distribution, segmentation

Mystery Shopping Services

  • Preliminary meetings with Owners, Management

  • Create a custom-made catalog of problem areas

  • Organize Mystery Shopping with full reporting on all levels of Services

  • Compare with International Standards

  • Plan measures to be taken to solve problems

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Hotel finance and strategic planning

  • Help Hotels with Budget and plan finances.

  • Help with Strategic outlooks and long-term planning

  • Create Plan to control all aspects of Finances

Hotel renovations

  • Help with planning new renovations

  • Create new products through renovations

  • Long term Goals of renovation

  • Return of Investment

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