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Start up services

Working with schools, colleges, universities, we help to develop a charter proposal, conduct a facility search and market analysis, correspond with authorities, perform community outreach, recruit students, and select qualified personnel.

Sales and Marketing

We provide schools with the sales strategy, and marketing research, and materials to recruit students and teachers.

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Human Resources

We support schools by recruiting highly qualified teachers and administrators from national and international pools. We provide the handbooks, policies, forms, and human resource management protocols. We provide the temporary Manager service, temporary management of your company.

Financial Management

Concept manages the schools’ finances through a centralized management system. Experienced personnel handles budgets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and all internal financials.

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Конференц-зал Бизнес

School Business Plan

We provide a business plan for the international education institutions, which includes 4 parts: Academic, Sales and Marketing, Facilities, and Finances.

Curriculum and School Visits

We provide the schools with a curriculum that is aligned to the school program, mission, and concept. We help schools with international professional accreditations.
We provide the Mystery Guests visits to the schools in order to evaluate and provide feedback by using state-of-the-art technology tools.

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деловая встреча

Operation Management

We provide the operation management services monthly for the educational institutions, Advisory Board services.
We offer as a separate service the optimization and organization of business management (production processes, sales, purchases, marketing activities, personnel management).

Assessment of Learning

Students take formative assessments every 6-9 weeks that are aligned with Common Core and state standards. Prepared and analyzed by Concept, these tests are used by teachers to guide instruction.
Quality Control.
Second Grading Services.

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