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Ginza Business Academy is a new project of the international company Ginza Project. ​

The Russian Federation is the world's largest country. It occupies more than 1/8 of the land area. The development of the service industry and rendering of hotel and restaurant services is a priority for the development of domestic and foreign tourism. World tourism employs 10% of the total number of employed according to 2019 data (before the pandemic). Tourism market provides more vacancies than healthcare market, financial sector, the banking sector, mining and agriculture. In 2020, tourism sector accounted for 330 million jobs. During past five years, tourism industry provided one out of four jobs in the world.

what has been done?

  • Website

  • Business Plan 

  • School Pre-opening Road Map 

  • Academic program development

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy 

  • Package of license and accreditations

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Kazakhstan project

Service School + Restaurant

Kazakhstan, Zhezkazgan, Kazakhmys company

Project concept:

The school trains service and retail specialists according to international standards. All training programs are formed based on the current business realities.

The training is conducted by practitioners of the hospitality and retail industries. An integral part of the school is a restaurant that provides students with the opportunity to gain practical skills in the disciplines they study. The School's restaurant is a subdivision of the School and forms a single training complex with the School, which provides an opportunity for practical training and internships for students. The restaurant is a room with an open contact bar, an open kitchen.

Team Meeting

what has been done?

  • Providing technical specifications for the school and a list of necessary equipment

  • Drawing up a corporate etiquette of the school

  • Writing business processes for school Preparing school concept

  • Development of a school development strategy

  • Development of marketing materials and their design

  • Development and organization of the work of the structures of the school departments

  • Coordination and methodological support of 20 study programs

  • Provision of technical specifications for a training restaurant, kitchen (involvement of a technologist, kitchen designer)

  • Development and organization of the work of the structures of the departments of the educational restaurant and kitchen

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